Sunday, 17 April 2011

Things I Love: Strawberries

Spring is here, the wisteria is flowering outside my window, the fruit garden is blossoming, and I am once again reminded of something I love: strawberries! As a Spring baby, it’s always my favourite time of the year, and I’ve been longing to wear a strawberry-filled Country Lolita coordinate!

Strawberries are such wonderful little things, don’t you think? From the tiny, bittersweet ones that grow alongside wild country paths to the big, sweet imported ones—with ice-cream, with soya yoghurt, in sorbets or in smoothies, they’re just too cute. No wonder Sweet Lolita thrives on strawberries!

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake merchandise is just the thing for this year’s Spring and Summer. With the rise of floral prints and what seems like a return to old-school Sweet on its way, who knows: maybe there will be lots of strawberry prints to coordinate it with! Or why not even take cues from the lovable character herself in a red, white and sage coordinate? A plain red onepiece with a pretty white apron would be gorgeous for a warm April day, paired with a straw hat decorated with lace and fake strawberries.

I’ve been offered the wonderful chance of a Lolita birthday present from my family, and I’ve been eyeing up the chance to ask for Angelic Pretty’s Ichigo Millefleur onepiece. I really hope I get it!

What are your favourite motifs for the Spring?

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