Thursday, 14 April 2011

Music Spotlight: Lacroix Despheres

Lacroix Despheres (which, although my French is limited, apparently means ‘the cross of spheres’) is a Japanese band that I’ve been loving of late! According to’s description:

“Formed in 2006 in Tokyo, Japan, the band had it’s first debut with the single「古の刻より舞い降りし者たち」(Inishie No Toki Yori Maiorishi Monotachi). Lacroix Despheres means “The Cross of the Sphere”. Their concerts are similar to those of a musical or a rock opera, since every song is put together to form a story, and it involves acting and dialogue parts.”

How exciting!

Their music ranges from beautiful, haunting gothic opera sounds to what I can only describe as operatic hard rock. Particularly I’m in love with La Vérite Fermée, the first song on their album Dernier Paradis: Act I. It sounds like the perfect music to listen to on a cloudy, moonlit night while swathed in beautiful Gothic clothes and drinking red wine in a crumbling library... or maybe that’s just in my imagination.

However, take a look at this! The band members dress in gorgeous Gothic Aristocrat clothes—except for the flautist, who’s an enchantingly lovely Gothic Lolita!

I’m feeling inspired to wear an inverted black and white coordinate now. I think that’s beautiful!

Here’s La Vérite Fermée courtesy of Youtube; don’t forget to listen to the other songs from this album, which are all equally enchanting, and if you like it then do support the band and buy their music!

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