Wednesday, 13 April 2011

It's time for a new hairstyle!

For the last few days, pretty much all my time (besides reading Hime-kei blogs; those frilly gals are amazing!) has been taken up with hairstyles!

In my defence though, it’s for a good reason! A while ago, I had my hair dyed bright bright cerise pink. I absolutely loved it… until I realised that it didn’t match anything I owned! It was a tragedy, but I decided it had to go. Of course, after having my already bleached hair lightened to white, I really couldn’t risk trying to bleach out the pink, so I decided to fade it instead. Now, several weeks on and a few soap caps later, my hair is… wait for it… creamsicle orange. Oh dear! However, it does look like it’s light enough and settled enough to dye again now, thank goodness.

My hair is also suffering from a grown-out hime cut and a V-fringe that looked absolutely glamorous for a few weeks before my cowlick parting decided it was having none of it. So in light of this, it is definitely time to get a restyle and a new colour!

Here’s some of the pictures I was particularly loving!

All via Tumblr

So many of them are Gal hairstyles, but my hair is naturally wavy and I’m a bit, shall we say carefree? with it— so I love how low-maintenance they’d be on my hair for those days when I couldn’t be bothered to break out the curling tongs. ♥ And as you can see, I'm seriously considering a light toffee brown! Very scary for me, a natural blonde!

I'll be posting the results of my hairdresser's appointment in a few weeks' time, along with before and after photos of my hair! Watch out for it!

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