Friday, 15 April 2011

Angelic Pretty's Statement Blouses

I admit: up until fairly recently, I never really understood why anyone would love blouses.

Obviously, it wasn’t as though I’d skip them. It was just that to me, a blouse was a thing on your top half, not a beautiful piece in its own right. I would browse through the blouse section of Baby and the then-limited stock on the English-language Angelic Pretty website (I didn’t know where to find the Japanese one!), not quite understanding why anyone liked them. White or black blouses with some lace on—well, I thought to myself, see one and you’ve seen them all.

This, though, all changed: one day, browsing through the list of blogs I follow, I came across a girl in an absolutely fantastic blouse. I was amazed; did blouses that cute really exist after all? Searching desperately, I found that this was by Angelic Pretty: the Jewellery Beads blouse in pink. I was in love!

Since then, I have always felt that when it comes to blouses, Angelic Pretty just does them best! I think I would credit it, personally, to their being the forefront brand during the OTT Sweet craze. When everything else was a signature piece, why could you stop at your blouse? Up until then, blouses had all been fairly similar, maybe this one had a high collar and this one had detachable sleeves, but I think Angelic Pretty was the one to pioneer the idea of interesting, amazing signature piece blouses.

In particular, I love the detail and thought that Angelic Pretty’s designers put into them. From little tulle lace jabots to giant pussy-bows to designs that look like they’re just spawning random bows, even faux-bustiers and sheer blouses made entirely of chiffon, in every colour you could imagine to coordinate with your outfit—in my mind, nothing beats them!

Here's a few of my favourites! All images are courtesy of

It’s my dream to own a pastel rainbow of these! Admittedly I have magnificent dreams, but I’m hoping I will have some pocket-money soon to be able to buy my first ever Angelic Pretty blouse. ♥

Do you also have some dream blouses?

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